Saronic islands are probably the less famous ones when it comes to Greece. However, their proximity to Piraeus port and their natural beauty, automatically make them the best destination for a mini getaway. Travel with Signature Travel and discover some of the most picturesque greek islands (so close to the greek capital).


  1. Hydra







Hydra is the so called queen of the Saronic. The architecture of the historical naval community of the 19th century has remained untouched and, at the same time, a beautiful touristic resort with meeting points and great hotels has been created. The old houses are breathtaking. Hydra’s port is the center of the island. This is the starting point for long beautiful walks. We recommend to you a visit to the Seaport and the Historic Filing. It’s very important for you to know that no cars are allowed and everyone circulates on foot or by sea taxis. Every summer you are able to enjoy a series of modern arts display as the artistic element goes perfectly with the island of Hydra. You should also pay a visit to the churches and the temples of the island.

Let’s get to know the museums of Hydra:

Historical Filing- Museum of Hydra: You can find exhibits from the Balcanic Wars, World War 1 and World War 2. An art gallery with pieces of great artists and souvenirs form the Greek Revolution.

Religious and Byzantine Museum of Hydra

House of Lazarus Kountouriwtis

House of George Kountouriwtis


2. Poros




Poros has an imposing charm. Its strong advantages are the neoclassic houses, green hillsides, tiny bays and the fast access to Athens. Its peaceful beauty gives you the necessary tranquility and it will definitely charge your batteries. You should walk across the old neighbourhoods, pay a visit at the Saint George chapel and the old Aqueduct. Don’t neglect to see the Clock, which is the trademark since 1927. Most visitors combine Poros with Lemonodasos, across the sea where Peloponnese is, or with Troizina.


3. Aegina













Aigina’s distance from Piraeus is just 1 hour with the conventional ship or 35 minutes with high speed dolphins. That’s way it attracts visitors even for just a 1 day trip. Take a walk along across the port, where you will find small cafes, taverns with fresh fish and fruit or vegetables from wandering salesmen. You can circulate around Aegina on foot, by car and by bicycle. This island is mainly famous for the Saint Nectarios monastery and the pistacchio crops. If you are looking for a… less ‘noisy’ area, you can stay at Agia (Saint) Marina which is on the other side of the island.