1 Week of Therapy + Lodging

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1 treatment per day: Osteopathy, PT, MT, Acupuncture, Hippocrates Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Mud therapy
6 nights of lodging based on your preferred accommodation (apartment or hotel, all sea view and within walking distance to the therapy center)


The therapy center

Manual Therapy Syros is a world class center for physical therapy & wellbeing. Treatments will be tailor made according to your needs and optimizing your Health.



Live right by the sea as you enjoy treatments and outdoor activities throughout your stay.
We give you options Stay in a 3 star hotel, a loft by the sea, or book your own sea front villa to bring friends & family along

You’re in good hands
The retreats are held by MTS center for therapy and wellness, and managed by Signature Travel.


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